Things to do

The Yasur Volcano is world famous. But there are lots of other interesting things to do around Tanna! If there is anything you want to know, try or do, just ask! We want to ensure that you have an incredible experience of Tanna, village life and the volcano. Please contact us if you would like more information about activities in Tanna.


Volcano Tour – Stand at the edge and watch the lava explosions!


Custom Dance Tour – Be welcomed into a traditional village.


We are close to Mount Yasur. You can take a short hike to the top of the volcano with our experienced guides. Alternatively we can also drive you to the top of Mount Yasur.

Entrance Fee: 9750 vatu per person.
Guide: (pickup truck taxi to the Volcano entrance) fee is 1000 vatu per person.

It’s an easy and scenic walk to the volcano, and takes about 45 minutes.

Ash Plains Walk

Cost: 1000 vatu per person

Custom Dance

Cost: 1500 vatu per person


Cost: 1500 vatu per person

Hot Spring

Cost: 1500 vatu per person.

Horse Riding

Cost: 2000 vatu per person

Bat Caves Tour

Cost: 1500 vatu per person

Kava Tasting

Cost: Donation


Cost: Donation


Cost: 1000 vatu per person

Giant Banyan Tree

Cost: 1000 vatu per person

Guide fee Guide fee is 1000vt per person per tour.

Volcano Boarding

Board hire: 2500 vatu per day
Volano boarding guide: 1500 vatu
Please Note: The board cost can be shared among a group. The guide may charge more according to how big the group is. Guests should negotiate when they are here.

Other Activities

If you have something special in mind, just ask! We want you to have a perfect Vanuatu holiday!